What We Do


We have spent years building up a supply of reclaimed and salvaged wood. We incorporate designs from rustic to industrial, and are always looking to create the custom piece of your dreams. 

Bar and Retail Construction

We love to create unique and custom commercial spaces. The warm touches of wood will liven up and any space and will create a comfortable atmosphere for your clientele. 

Jewelry and Wood Designs

We have a passion for making fine jewelry and wood designs that are perfect for any home decor. From Necklaces to Ikebana vessels, we believe in incorporating nature into all aspects of life.  

How We Do It

A spirited passion for wood was something that was handed down from one generation of McKenzie man to the next. Sweetwater Wood Designs strives to reveal the beauty hidden in salvaged and reclaimed wood. There is a balance struck between allowing the wood to tell its weathered story while incorporating designs that will breathe new life and allow it to tell a new one This love for wood can be seen in the sustainable practices employed by Sweetwater Wood Design, and in the care they take to deliver the best products and services.